Cherry Blossom Faux Fur Fox Set

Beastly Boo-tique

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These are handmade faux fur ears. Each pair of ears is hand airbrushed. A wire skeleton inside of the ear makes its fully posable and adjustable.  All piercings and Bows are removable without holes or damage to the ear base. Gauges can be removed but will leave holes. 

Paws are lined with soft white jersey lining. Tail has a removeable bow and measures approximately 18 inches long with a light swishy filling. THIS IS SOLD AS A SET ONLY.

This set of three dimensional hand airbrushed faux fur ears. Simple and cute. 

Inside of the ear is a steel wire that allows them to be posed. Ears can be adjusted to the shape and fit you desire. The ears are placed on a thin metal headband that can be easily disguised in the hair.

Grooming: For best look and feel, it is important to take care of ears. Brush them with a wire fur grooming brush to smooth fur and restore shape and appearance. Paint may fade over time if ears are not properly stored. Avoid touching painted areas to ensure stronger colors and better overall appearance over time.