Strawberry Lemonade Limited Edition Cast Resin Horns

Beastly Boo-tique

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This is a hand-mixed specialty colorway of our signature cast resin horns. There will be no restocks of this colorway. PLEASE NOTE! Due to the nature of this particular colorway's inclusions, the density of the inclusions will vary between the horns in the pair. Please keep this in mind prior to purchase as we will not be offering exchanges due to stock limitations.  

Horns are hand cast resin. Color variations, small bubbles or minor imperfections may be visible due to the nature of the handcrafted product. Please note that colors may differ from their appearance on screens. Ombre effect will be different for each pair of horns and may not match the appearance on the screen. 


These are hand cast horns and due to the inclusions have a slightly rougher texture then our standard horns. Please be aware of this difference prior to placing your order.